“Products for a sustainable future.” 

Effective Monday 18th August 2014, Planet Smart represents Advanced Plastic Recycling (APR) in Western Australia. 

Using post-industrial waste wood and plastic, Adelaide based APR is a leading developer and manufacturer of sustainable timber and concrete alternatives –  Wood Plastic Composites (WPCs) for Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Custom Design applications.

APR is the manufacturer of the Australian manufactured Wood Plastic Composite product which Planet Smart has so successfully sold into the Western Australian market for around 5 years.

APR employs the very latest in manufacturing technology, materials handling and processes to ensure their products deliver exceptional quality and value for money, as well as being of genuine, tangible benefit to the environment. Because their products utilise 100% post-industrial wood and plastics, with every post, bollard, beam or decking board produced the strain on new natural resources and landfill reserves is reduced.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability and utmost product quality, APR is truly a leading manufacturing for a better world - unquestionably “products for a sustainable future”.

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